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Video Parachute / Decimator Hookup Diagram

The Decimator, which we call the “Video Parachute”, is shipped with 99% of our encoders because it provides a safety for your HD web stream. Below is a diagram of all of the connections on the device.

How Is it A “Video Parachute”?

Most digital encoders require video all of the time, if the video signal drops then the encoder will take some time to recover. If you’ve ever unplugged a cable from your HDTV and plugged it back in, then you’ve seen this in action.

The “Video Parachute” ensures that your CHAMP Encoder never loses a video signal. Even if you were to turn off your cameras, the encoder will still receive video and be ready when you turn your cameras back on.

What Video Does The “Video Parachute” Send?

It’s purple. If you ever see purple video then it means that the Encoder is not receiving video from your system. You can learn more about how to troublshoot this problem in our article “Why Is My Video Purple?”

Updated on May 18, 2020

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