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Add Agenda/Minutes As Attachments

There are times when you may already have an Agenda or Minutes from a board and you don’t wish to re-enter the data into your CHAMP system. This could be because it’s older meetings before you began using CHAMP or it could be because a committee choses not to use the software.

Entering the data is always preferred so that you can easily search past meeting but if you simply want to attach your file to your event, this article will walk you through the process.

Video Walkthrough

Video walkthrough for adding an Agenda or Minutes as an attachment

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1 – Create An Event

The first step is to create your Event. Give it a date and time and select the board it’s assigned to.

Step 2 – Create An Agenda/Minute Item

  • Now that you have your event, create an agenda or minute item with a temporary title. The title doesn’t matter because we will delete it at the end.
  • Select “Attachments” and upload the PDF file that you have
  • Close the Attachments window after your file have uploaded completely
  • Delete the title from your Agenda or Minute item
  • If your attaching an Agenda, you can also choose “Exclude from numbering”

Why Delete The Agenda/Minute title?

You don’t have to but since you’re only uploading a file, it’s a cleaner presentation to the viewer.

Step 3 – Preview The Results

  • Select the “Overview” tab
  • Publish your Event
  • Select the Agenda and or Minutes toggle to publish that as well
  • Select the Public Link shortcut to preview the results
Updated on January 30, 2024

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