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How To Create A Template

A Template is a handy way to have all of the “boilerplate” for any Event automatically entered for you. For example, if you create a Template for a public meeting, then you can have it automatically put in your “Call to Order”, “Pledge of Allegiance” and any structural items that are typically included in every meeting.

Remember, you can have as many templates as you like!

You can create Templates in one-of-two ways:

  1. From Scratch
  2. From A Previous Meeting

Below is a walkthrough from each method

Templates tab

From Scratch

  1. Select “Events” from the top menu
  2. Select the “Templates” tab at the top of the screen
  3. Select the blue “+New Template” button
  4. Set the “Title” “Description” (if any), and the “Board” that you’d like to associate the Template with
  5. Select the “Agenda” tab and add all of the boilerplate items that are typically associated with this particular Board and Meeting type

From A Previous Meeting

If you already have a meeting that has most of the information that you would like to include in your Template, then you can create one directly from an existing Meeting. Here’s how you do it.

Tools button options
Tools button options
  1. Select “Events” from the top menu
  2. Select the specific Event that you would like to create a Template from
  3. Under the “Overview” tab for the Event, select the blue “Tools” button in the top-right of the page
  4. Select “Create a template from this event…” option

Clean Up

After you have created your Template from an Event, you’ll want to go to the “Agenda” tab and remove any data that is specific to that exact meeting. This way, when you use this Template in six-months, you’re not pulling in old data that you no longer need. Be sure to also remove any attachments that are specific as well.

Add Blank Items

Another handy trick is to add “blank” Agenda items to your template as well. For example, if your Board typically has sever Agenda items that start with “Consider…” you can create placeholders in your template so that when you build your Agenda, you don’t have to create them from scratch.

Example of blank agenda items used in a template
Example of blank agenda items used in a template
Updated on May 11, 2020

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