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Why Doesn’t My Live Player Go Fullscreen?

After you have published your Live Player to your web site, you will see two inward facing arrows in the top-right corner of your player.

Where to find the “Full Screen” button in your Live Player

When you click the full-screen button, your player should go full-screen but if it doesn’t you just need to edit your embed code and add the words “allowfullscreen”.

Allow Fullscreen

Every web site management tool is different and sometimes the software will remove certain bits of code in the player code that was originally sent to you. One of those bits of code is the option to allow for your player to go full-screen. Here’s how you fix it.

  1. Go into your web management software and edit the page that has your Live Player
  2. Look for the embed code / player so that you can edit the embed code
  3. Add the word “allowfullscreen” into the IFRAME


<iframe src="https://play.champds.com/cdsdemo/live/5"></iframe>


<iframe allowfullscreen src="https://play.champds.com/cdsdemo/live/5">

Once you’ve added that “magic word” and published your web page, your viewers will be able to expand your Live Player to fill their screen.

Updated on May 18, 2020

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