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OnLocation Mobile Streaming


The following image shows the rear of the device. The numbers match the steps below.

Step 1: Connect to the Internet

Find the “Internet” port on the rear and connect to an RJ45 Ethernet port that has Internet access.

Step 2: Connect Camera(s)

Connect cameras to the appropriate connection. Each of your cameras will have two connections:

  1. SDI video – provides video
  2. Ethernet  – provides power and control to the camera

Step 3: Power Up!

Connect the power supply and power cable. The |OnLocation and any associated hardware will power up immediately. 

Step 4: Connect Your Computer

Connect a laptop / desktop computer to the port labeled “Laptop”.  Note: you should disable your WiFi to prevent any confusion. This computer will only be controlling your |OnLocation hardware.

Step 5: Speakers (optional)

If you have Speakers in your setup, plug in the audio cables and their external power. If you overdrive your speakers, you run the risk of feedback. Best practices is to start with the speaker volume low and gradually increase as needed. You are supplementing the audio in the room, not amplifying it like you would at a rock concert. 


Accessing The Controls

On the computer connected to the “LAPTOP” input, open a web browser and go to the following location by typing the following into the address bar – http://onlocation.local.

This is a local address that can only be accessed by the computer connected to the |OnLocation

Using The Cameras

Starting The Stream

Starting The Recording

Updated on September 7, 2023

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