• Camera Controller

    An overview of the CHAMP Camera Controller, a hardware device to control your cameras outside of the CHAMP software.

  • OnLocation Mobile Streaming

    Setup The following image shows the rear of the device. The numbers match the steps below. Step 1: Connect to the Internet Find the “Internet” port on the rear and connect to an RJ45 Ethernet port that has Internet access. Step 2: Connect Camera(s) Connect cameras to the appropriate connection….

  • How To Raise Your Hand

    There is a new feature that has been added to the Voting system for all board members. It’s called “Raise My Hand” and it allows the Chairperson to easily identify who wishes to be recognized. How Does It Work? During a meeting, if you wish to be recognized, simply click…

  • How To Operate the Voting System Remotely

    If you have a CHAMP Camera System, there is only one small difference running the Meeting Controls when you are not in the room. Since you will be remote, you will want to monitor the “Private Stream” for your audio and video so that you can actively participate. Private Stream?…

  • How To Embed Your Archive

    When you first start with the CHAMP, you’ll want to embed your Archive onto your website. Once installed, your meetings will appear instantly on your website when you click Publish in the CHAMP software.

  • How To Publish Your Event

    After you’ve created your Event, you can publish it at any time and have it appear on your website.

  • Formatting A Description

    The description area of an item allows you a lot of formatting options for laying out text. Here’s how to use this handy tool.

  • How To Handle Taking A Break

    It’s inevitable that a board will take a break. It could be a short 5-minutes or a longer Closed Session but if you’re new to handling the video of a meeting it can be a little bit confusing.

  • Roku Design Guide

    All the images that make up your Roku channel